Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Sleep:- I think I slept right through again last night so that means about 7 hours. Good job.

I had a long bath late afternoon. I probably ate less than normal for my evening meal. I checked our money and did any sorting out that was required. That left me with fewer things to agitate over if I woke during the night.

This morning I tested blood ketones just because. 0.4 Not a great result but much better than the 0.2 I have been commonly getting for the last few months.

I don't think I'm doing anything in particular to improve the numbers. I have keto coffee in the mornings still, and most times a berry smoothie for lunch. I do have dried fruit such as dates, figs or prunes with almonds as a snack sometime in the late part of the day, either with dinner or as a supper snack.

I don't do much measuring and I'm not really tracking right now. It all got a bit too boring.

I'm going to make some 'Fat Bombs' today as they make such a useful LCHF snack.

I think I will just keep plodding on as is. My weight is too stable!!!!!!! But each day I feel a little better in myself. I'm sure getting enough sleep is part of the key. I take it as a sign I'm not being pushed under by stress.

I'm not getting any exercise to speak about either unless you call sewing an keyboard activities hand and brain exercise.

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