Friday, February 14, 2014


Well that's over and done with ... almost. I have a follow up appointment with the surgeon on Tuesday when he does a clinic at a satelite hospital which means we have only 1.5 hours travel time each way. This morning my eyelid is too swollen to tell how successful the implant is in giving me the ability to blink and close my eye. Next stage will be the plastic surgery to straighten out my face. I had so hoped that choosing my food with care to healing the amage to the facial nerve I would get at least some spontaneous recovery but two years is a long time.

Yesterday was not too terrible as far as food goes but travelling takes a toll. I'm not in a great place today so just eating what I fancy. It won't be awful but nor will it be great.

I'm staying quiet while John goes to town for prescription and groceries.

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