Saturday, February 22, 2014


Today is somebody's birthday. I miss my Mum. I used to call her to check important dates. She had a great memory. Me not so much .... Is it my sister or my brother? They are one week apart. One year I gave them their gifts in January all in a flurry thinking I was running late ... Ah Me!

I've been in my own little world for the last few days. Probably lack of sleep. I really must do something about this. It's getting serious when I only sleep 2-4 hours in a night. More exercise would help no doubt. 

Food and weight nothing new.

Let's see how the coming week goes.

Quilting news. I'm on a roll. I finished piecing the table runner. Can't do any more until I've been shopping for batting and backing. I also pulled out something I pieced years ago and gave up on because it wasn't working out. I'm going to finish it as a knee rug for our other D-I-L. 

I am challenging myself in all the main areas of life. Sleep, Exercise, (walking), tidying up and re-organising inside and outside the house, and getting settled into being a fat burner. I need to be in nutritional ketosis.... a constant refrain. I left spiritual which is an integral part of my life.

As I write I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that NK really must have priority and the other stuff follows on with ease.

Except maybe sleep. Time to stop dilly-dallying around. This is a mind game as much as anything.

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