Sunday, January 19, 2014


Thanks Karen. I tried to send you a personal message but it doesn't seem to have worked. I've really let myself down.

Emotionally I have become a screaming mess .... but only some of the time. That has resulted in some shocking eating. I now weigh the same as this time last year. Not good.

We arrived in Christchurch Wednesday night. We are staying with our youngest son and his wife. Thursday we got some groceries and other essentials we hadn't packed. This time we are travelling light with only cabin luggage to see us through the 3 weeks we are here. Friday visited with our son's in-laws and had takeaway, chicken and chips, for dinner. I haven't eaten anything thing like that for ..... cannot remember.

Today is Monday here. Saturday was spent prison visiting. It was also very cold with an icy south wind. I looked at what I am doing and began to work out a food plan. Yesterday morning our son went fishing and invited his father. For some reason they didn't include me and left me home alone. Ordinarily that's good but in my fragile emotional state it turned into a pity party and an eating fest that included icecream and bread Yikes!!!!! I'm still kind of annoyed that they were so thoughtless.

Weather wise we are having crazy stuff. Saturday was so cold I had to haul out all my layers of clothes and only just stayed warm. It was cold enough to light the fire but no-one could be bothered with getting wood. Yesterday was so hot I couldn't bear to move and now today is cold again. It's my guess that day time temps have range from 50'F to 90+ Since my comfort zone is very narrow, 60 - 75'F I'm not exactly happy. Cold is better than hot. Here, in Christchurch, New Zealand, hot and cold and in between come with wind.

Today's high is supposed to be 17'C/63'F with some wind chill. I'll probably stay inside today although getting out would be good for me but the wind upsets my eyes and then I have another cause to feel miserable. I can see more reading. I haven't done a lot of light reading for a long time so this is catch-up.

I've not begun my day so will make a determined attempt to get onto the plan I was working out.

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