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I've just listened to an interview which Jimmy Moore recommended today. Here it is

I am inspired to continue with a ketogenic diet. It sounds as though it is the healthiest way for me to eat. But the blood tests have now become too expensive for me. I have urine strips and although they are not considered as accurate they worked in the past so I'll be using them daily from now on.

I'm also looking more carefully at the balance between carbs, protein and fats. I think I've mentioned that I can eat aLOT of FAT, probably much more than is healthy for me.

I'm going to take another look at Lean For Life which came out of Lindora Clinic quite a few years ago now. It's low fat and low carb which I never bought into but ...... As long as I kept to my tweak on the program I lost weight. I ate more or less the quantity of protein and carbs recommended. I kept pretty much to the foods recommended but I always used full fat dairy and never trimmed fat from my steak. I also followed the recommendation to walk 1000 steps per day. 

Now that I understand more about ketogenic diets and how they work and all the benefits from curing cancer to better brain function I want to continue with this style of eating.

From today I think I will change my headings to reflect what I am doing. 

I am thinking that this will evolve over the next couple of weeks into my forever pattern.

I am pleased that yesterday's eating did not incur a huge weight gain as so often happens after a fast. I did gain 300gm with is a little more than 1 pound. I was hungry and ate more than planned.

Keto coconut coffee; omelet with herbs and cheese; salad with boiled egg and cream cheese; pork belly with small potato, broccoli and carrot; 2 prunes, 1 fig, 10 almonds, many thick slices of cucumber with peanut butter.

The neat thing for me is that I seem to be coming out of a funk which has affected me for many weeks. I slept about 5.5 hours, only waking once and reading for a short time before feeling sleepy again. This is probably the best night I've had in at least 3 weeks.

It feels good, as though I am coming to my senses. I learned a lot last year even if I didn't lose much weight. Now I can put into practice what I learned.

Here's to the next few weeks to see how this goes Hopefully it will be SmileSmileSmile all the way.

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