Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Fasting blood ketones 1.4

My day began with Coconut Coffee.

Nutrition:- 463 cal; 6 gm carbs; 3.9 gm protein; 47.5 gm fats

I muddled around a little today and finally had a snack type lunch.

25 gm wedge Brie
15 gm olives
15 gm mini red pepper stuffedwith cream cheese
2 cherry tomatoes
coffee with 25 gm cream

Nutrition:- 194 cal; 6 gm carb; 7 gm protein; 16 gm fat

A FF Smoothie went down well for tea,

Nutrition:- 416.3 cal; 13.2 carb; 28.6 protein; 27.7 gm fats

Day's end:- 1147 cal; 9.6% carb; 15.5 gm protein; 74.9% fat

This complete's my 10 day's Modified Fat Fast.

I'll complete this series with a final post after I weigh in tomorrow.

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