Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I'm very happy with my morning fasting blood ketones 1.6

Coconut coffee

Nutrition:-  463 cal; 6 gm carbs; 3.9 gm protein; 47.5 gm fat

Lunch was another beef burger crumbled through salad.

100 gm beef warmed through in 1 teaspoon of butter
50 gm lettuce
15 gm celery
1 cherry tomato
20 gm red pepper
1 tsp olive oil

Assemble and toss lightly with seasoning.

Nutrition:- 208 cal; 4 gm carb; 25 gm protein; 11 gm fat

Dinner was FF eggs on silverbeet with cheese.

50 gm silverbeet
2 eggs
50 ml cream
25 gm cheddar cheese

Nutrition:- 276 cal; 3 gm carb; 16.5 gm protein; 22 gm fat

I have been trying to make sure I get at least 10 ml cod liver oil every day. This not only helps to keep my fat ratio high but gives me a good dose of omega-3. I discovered that my lemon flavoured oil goes well with Greek yoghurt and no fishy taste, not even returns.

100 gm Greek yoghurt
10 ml cod liver oil
4 sliced/chopped almonds

Stir together until well blended and enjoy the smooth texture and tangy flavour with a bit of crunch.

Nutrition:- 200 cal; 7.6 gm carb; 5.6 gm protein; 16.5 gm fat

Totals for day:- 1146 cal; 7.1 % carb; 17.5% protein; 75.4% fat

I neglected the cross-trainer today.

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