Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Today my fasting ketones reached 1.5 Very pleased about that.

Coconut coffee

Nutrition:-  463 cal; 6 gm carbs; 3.9 gm protein; 47.5 gm fat

Lunch:- FF Smoothie

Nutrition:-  416 cal; 13 gm carbs; 28.5 gm protein; 27.5 gm fat

Dinner was an easy egg dish.

Fat Fast Eggs on Creamed Silverbeet (Swiss Chard)

50 gm silverbeet, cooked in minimum water and drained.
10 gm butter
2 eggs
50 ml cream

Heat pan and melt butter.
Add cream and silverbeet to pan
Break eggs into pan and season until eggs poached to suit you.

Nutrition:-  236 cal; 3 gm carb; 16 gm protein; 27 gm fat

8 Almonds to snack on brought my totals close to what I'm aiming for.

Day's end. Nutrition:- 1130 cal; 7.1% carb; 20.1% protein; 72.8% fat

I am doing quite well getting into a routine of a few minutes a day on the cross-trainer

25 minutes working on the cross-trainer

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