Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Fasting blood ketones 1.3

I began today with an omelet and a couple of cherry tomatoes

Fat Fast Omelet

2 eggs
50 ml whipping cream
25 gm cheddar cheese
5 gm butter
2 cherry tomatoes

Lightly whisk eggs and cream together
Melt butter in omelet pan and pour in egg mixture
sprinkle grated cheese over eggs and cook to your satisfaction.

Nutrition:- 274 cal; 2.6 gm carb;15.6 gm protein; 22 gm fat


100 gm casseroled Beef
50 gm lettuce
15 gm celery
1 cherry tomato
1 tsp olive oil

Nutrition:- 449 cal; 2.7 gm carb; 28 gm protein; 35.5 gm fat

I only had 2 meals so ate more snacks.

12 almonds
2 Fat bombs
20 gm cheddar cheese

Nutrition:- 477 cal; 4.8 gm carb; 11 gm protein; 42 gm fat

Day's end I had consumed 1150 cal; 3.5 %carb, 19% protein; 77.5% fat and worked on the cross-trainer for 25 minutes.

Fasting Blood Ketones 0.9

Coconut coffee

Nutrition:-  463 cal; 6 gm carbs; 3.9 gm protein; 47.5 gm fat

Lunch:- FF Smoothie

Nutrition:-  416 cal; 13 gm carbs; 28.5 gm protein; 27.5 gm fat

I bought a rotisserie chicken for tea. I've seen them described as a pickin' chicken. I usually pull all the meat off the bones which I then put in the slow cooker with herbs and veggies. I weighed up the left over meat dividing it into freezer bags for future meals.

100 gm cooked chicken
50 gm iceberg lettuce
15 gm celery
20 gm cucumber
1 cherry tomato
1 tsp olive oil

Nutrition:- 185.2 cal; 3.4 gm carb; 31.8 gm protein; 4.2 gm fat

I had a few calories left so in an effort to  balance thigs up I found a really small Fat Bomb and 10 almonds.

I thought I was going to have a heart attack when I first heard of Fat Bombs and discovered what they consist of. Here is my recipe and I make no excuses for eating them. They are tasty and serve a purpose.

Choc Mint Fat Bomb

200 gm butter
200 gm coconut oil
20 almonds chopped
35 whole almonds
3 Whitakers mini dark Ghana chocolate bars total 45 gm.
20 ml peppermint essence as a guideline or almond to suit your taste
35 little sweet cases

NB the peppermint essence is not included in the nutrient calculations

Gently melt butter and coconut oil together. Remove from heat and melt in chocolate. Add chopped almonds and peppermint essence if using.

Spoon as evenly as possible into 35 cases.  Add a whole almond to each case.

Set in fridge. Store in freezer. I keep the little fat chocolates in a ziplock bag.

Each piece should weigh about 15 gm = 1 small serve.

NB the fats do tend to separate into layers but they still taste OK

Nutrition of each Choc Mint Bomb:- 108 cal; 1 gm carb; 0.6 gm protein, 11.8 gm fat

Nutrition:- 86 cal; 1.2 gm carb; 0.7 gm protein; 9.5 gm fat

Day's end:- 1150 cal; 8.2% carb; 22.5% protein; 69.3% fat

25 minutes on the cross-trainer.

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