Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Fasting blood ketones are still increasing. Today's reading 0.7

My day began with Coconut Coffee.

Nutrition:- 463 cal; 6 gm carbs; 3.9 gm protein; 47.5 gm fats

Lunch:- FF (Fat Fast) Smoothie

Nutrition:- 416.3 cal; 13.2 carb; 28.6 protein; 27.7 gm fats

I had a nice plump eggplant in the garden so it became part of dinner.

Hamburger Pattue
100 gm Eggplant
35 ml Olive Oil

I thoroughly brushed the oil over slices of eggplant and baked them in a mod oven.

Nutrition:- 202 cal; 5.7 gm carb; 25 gm protein; 9.5 gm fat

That left me with 10 almonds to snack on.

Nutrition for today's snacks:- 65.4 cal; 2.4 gm carb; 2.5 gm protein; 6 gm fat

Day's end:- 1150 cal; 9.4% carbs; 20.5 gm protein; 70.1 gm fat

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