Friday, August 30, 2013

AUGUST 29TH - 30TH DAYS 5 - 6


Today my weight is up nearly 1.5 pound and my fasting blood ketones 0.4

Small price to pay for a day out and lunch with friends.

We had fish pie for lunch made with smoked, (canned) fish, and kumera, (sweet potato) presumably wheat free. I also ate a couple of my own cheese muffins but I had changed the recipe slightly to reduce the amount of flaxseed which upsets my stomach so they had some corn flour. We were later coming home than planned so bought a rotisserie chicken and a couple of supermarket salads, broccoli and bacon and kumera and carrot. I had a spoonful of each and got the same stomach cramp I associate with wheat. Later I ate some camembert, a small piece of 80% chocolate and a few almonds.

This morning I noticed that my normal Keto coffee did not taste as sweet. I do not add sugar but I find that there is some natural sweetness from the coconut milk and coconut oil. In other words I would have liked more sweetness. I guess that means I ate a lot more carbohydrate than my body needed or wanted yesterday. 

I rarely eat anything with added sugar so I'm quite sensitive to sweet things. Having said that I do miss sweet desserts and greater freedom with fruit now and then.

I will keep to my Fat Fast menu until my fasting ketones increase.

Cold and wet here today so we have lit the fire. We will have a cosy day and maybe I will finally get the cardigan I have been knitting for John completely sewn up and ready for buttons.

Take care and eat mindfullySmile


Interesting day yesterday after the previous day out.

I started well and was comfortable with my eating pattern until the mid afternoon when I began to feel hungry and very tired in the way it feels when someone pulls the plug out of the energy source. I added in snacks especially more protein. I did get through without anything that hinted of carbs but did eat some jelly whip using a WW jelly which is sweetened with aspartame. This is the last time I make that foul stuff. See Jimmy's post about the Aspartame Patent on how it is produced. Yuck! I'm on the look out for a suitable gelatin to make my own jellies.

I did not continue to count my calories and track my ratio

I had my usual Keto Coffee and Yoghurt with CLO mix. I also ate 1 HB egg, a piece of left-over steak, camembert, Jelly whip, roast beef dinner with yams, onion, carrot and silverbeet, (Swiss Chard). It doesn't look bad but man I had moments of hunger.

This morning my fasting ketones are moving up again at 0.7 and my weight was down by 200gm.... that's not even a cup of water.

I do feel much better today so looking forward to a stellar day. 

This is the last day of August and it looks as though my weight has not changed from the first day.

I am looking at changing my basic plan for the month of September. There's not much going on for the first three weeks except we move home from our friend's house where we are Kitty-sitting, next weekend. The last part of the month we fly to Christchurch and have our version of an adventure trip booked.

More about my tweaks tomorrow.

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