Saturday, August 3, 2013


Jelly whip is a great idea. I haven't made it in years and I lurve it.

Yesterday was day one of two increasing calories and carbs.

I did fairly well ending up at 1246 cal. 19 gm carb, 75 gm protein, 98 gm fat for a ratio of
6.2:23.7:70.1 My target is slightly higher protein and less fat. Lets see how today goes.

I've dropped another 200 gm in weight. That was a surprise as I really did not feel all that comfortable a couple of times. I struggled to eat so much food!!!!!

Breakfast I am continuing with Keto Coffee in the morning
Lunch ground pork patties, HB egg, with lettuce, cherry tomato and spring onion made into a salad dressed with a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar.
Dinner we had fish cooked in butter with lemon zest, served with 1/4 lemon to squeeze, and I had silverbeet/swiss chard and carrot.
I snacked on a wedge of camembert and a left-over stuffed mushroom.

This morning my ketone reading was 2.7 so still comparatively high for me.

Rocking on.

Right now I am baking my own pork rinds. I've tried it many times but finally I think I have the secret and it's so simple. One thing, the pork skin I bought only had a thin layer of fat so they are cooking quicker than expected.

I cut the skin roughly into 1 inch strips and laid them out on the baking dish and left it in the fridge uncovered overnight. This morning I turned the oven to 200'C and waited until it reached temp. I then lightly salted the rinds and popped them in the oven dropping the temp to 180'C. I'm not sure how long they took but it was somewhere between 20 and 40 minutes. I lifted them out onto a paper towel and Yummo we have our own home cooked rinds. The second batch is cooking as I write and if I haven't over heated the pork fat I will be able to save it for future use as lard.

The online recipes seemed fairly similar suggesting 350'F for 1 to 3 hours depending on your prefernces

I cannot believe how much our normal eating patterns have changed over the past 19 months and it's all delicious.

Enjoy the day.



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