Thursday, August 8, 2013


Yesterday I was a little cranky. Blame the pain in my back and the changes in diet.

Big question! Is rotating Fat Fasting with 2 more normal days good for me?

This week there is a change. I cannot complete the rotation as planned. I will do 3 days Fat Fast followed by the best I can do on Saturday and 3 days normal eating. The following from my LLV journal reveals how wobbly my thinking was yesterday and the result is not good. In the big scheme of things it is OK but it is a bit of a wake up-call.

Hi Sonny et al. I think it's 15 years since I rode a bike but what has really shocked me is my lack of balance. I've heard this happens as you age if you don't work on it. Maybe I should spent time practicing standing on one leg with my eyes closed. *haha*

The good newsSmile I rode the bike around the block twice yesterday. It's not that far but it's a start. Although it only takes a few minutes my bum began to hurt. Borrowed bike it might be but I am buying a cushion seat next time we are in town. I also discovered I was soon out of breath. Amazing how all the time on the cross-trainer had not really prepared me for the faster leg action.

I dropped off 100 gm of the 600 gms gained in the last few days. I still think much of that is related to my bodies reaction to getting hurt..... My back is still achy from falling off the bike.

I'm cutting back on ketone testing. Daily tests seem like a waste of expensive strips. To begin with I'll do mid to late afternoon or pre-dinner testing alterate days. Seeing the numbers has been a great incentive but I need to wean myself away from depending on this. This is nearly as hard as weaning oneself off daily weighing.

I'm on my third day coffee free and feel good. Finally slept almost right through and certainly am beginning to feel the benefit.

Yesterday I ate Coconut Cocoa, Yoghurt with CLO berries and cream, Lettuce salad with 50 gm (about 1.6 oz) beef, Jelly whip, Peanut fat bomb and pork crackling, about 1006 cal plus bone broth.

Ratio 5.9% carb:10.2% protein:84% fat

We were expecting rain but it looks as though I'l be able to go for another bike ride. I love the feeling. I may not be going very fast but I tell you, it feels as though I am flying along with the wind rushing past me face.


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