Saturday, August 3, 2013


Day four and still going strong. This morning I woke with a smile on my face and couldn't wait to get up and start writing about how joyful I feel. This is Ketogenic Euphoria and I will blog about it later. See the link in my signature.

I was shocked when I looked at my food log to see how little I seemed to eat yesterday. At the same time I was never hungry, not once.

Edit .... (I went over my calorie limit by 7.... no big deal. my ratios could have been a little better.... 3.2% carb, 10.4% protein and 86.4% fat. Close enough to my 2:8:90 ratio I guess.) .... Oopsie! That is the provisional plan for today.

Correction. Yesterday i was under by 44 calories and my ratio was 3.7:7.5:88.8. Quite happy with being that close.

This morning my scales show another 200 gm loss to make 1 kg or 2.2 pounds lost in 3 days and my blood ketones had climbed to 1.1. While the weight loss is pleasing it doesn't really excite me because that is what I gained the previous week. The last few days amount to the same as tweaking to maintain. I will see how things go over the next 2 days of Fat Fast and then the challenge of being more relaxed by following Atkins Induction.

Started the day with Keto Coffee
Lunch was a little hurried because we had appointments in town. I had half of a freshly made cheese flaxseed and coconut muffin with butter to keep my fat ratio up there.
Late afternoon when we got home I had the rest of the muffin. Then made chocolate whip and ate one serving with three left in the fridge for the next few days.
I wasn't very hungry at our normal dinner time so ate later than usual. A bowl of clear broth, no idea how the stats work out but it was yummy. Perhaps I should have measured my post prandial blood glucose to see if the sugars from the veggies which had inevitably leached into the broth made any difference.
Later I snacked on one of the stuffed mushrooms left over from yesterday.

One thing. I may not be able to eat anything with flaxseed. I had sharp gut pain for a little while. I'll modify the amount I use next time and see if it makes any difference.

The sun is shining.I should not be sitting here. Winter sun is gorgeous and I will be gardening.


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