Saturday, August 17, 2013


Hi Folk.

My food is all over the place. I'm pretty certain I'm not drinking enough water. My back pain is not as severe but ... Last night I got about 2 hours sleep in bed before the pain woke me up. I spent the rest of the night stretched in a semi reclining state and dozed off a few times. Needless to say I do not feel great today. I had planned to go to hospital with John tomorrow when he sees the vascular specialist for leg pain. He had an angioplasty to unblock the femoral artery back in February. It appears to have collapsed again. Our daughter, who happens to be a registered nurse, can go with him. I do not feel up to sitting in the car for 2 x 3 hours travelling plus all the tramping around the hospital and waiting.

I am not getting on the scales. I will simply do my best to eat sensibly.

This is frustrating. My brilliant plan for August is being messed up.

Seeing the Chiropractor has been painful but is bringing results. I've had two treatments with two more scheduled for the coming week. He is also giving me some neck and head treatment in the hope of bringing some healing to the facial nerve which causes bells Palsy.

My back is improving but not as fast as I want it to. I am impatient to get on with my plan to improve my health through weight loss and activity

Beautiful day here so going to sit out in the sun for a while.Smile

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