Saturday, August 3, 2013


Today is my 3rd day Fat Fasting and my second time round. Yay! another 300 gm which is more than 0.5 pound, hit the dust.

I am beginning to think this will be my final cycle at this level because I may not be eating enough protein.

Today's ketone reading is 3.4 and that makes me think I can ease up a little on this Fat Fasting.

I believe it's not necessary for morning ketones to be higher than 2.5.

Yesterday my calories topped at around 985 plus a few for the filling in my omelet.

5.2% carbs:8.9% protein:85.9% fat

Breakfast:- keto coffee
Lunch:- Yoghurt concoction
Dinner:- omelet filled with couple of spoonfuls of mushroom, spinach and bacon
Snacks:- Pork Crackling, Chocolate whip.

Quiet day, mostly knitting. Bone broth simmering in crockpot. Winter has kicked in once more. Deck chairs having fun in the wind.


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