Saturday, August 10, 2013


Good news or bad news first? Perhaps I can sandwich the bad news.

Yesterday's bike ride was slightly longer. My confidence is growing and I changed gears a couple of times. Today's lesson will be learning to use the brakes. I'm scared of going over the handlebars. Right now I'm finding it easier to slow to a stop by swerving onto the grass verge. That's not always going to be possible.

Bad newsSad is I chose to discard my menu around mid-day. I made flaxseed muffins for John and because, nutritionally, they fit my plan I had one with bone broth for lunch. Then I ate another and another. For me these harmless little things are addictive. Bother! John has been at me to cook a piece of corned, (brined) beef, that has been in the fridge for a week or two. Out came the slow cooker and because I felt like it I had the same dinner as John instead of my planned omelet. Corned beef, silverbeet, (same as swiss chard),and a carrot. I followed this up with the last of the jelly whip. I'd not sure that this is good for me as I used a WW pkt of flavoured Jelly, (jello). I suspect I'm sensitive to artificial sweeteners even when in small amounts. Instead of going to bed when sleepy I fell asleep in my recliner. Woke up not sleepy and ate nuts and dried fruit. Not too much, I suppose 10 pieces in total but at mid-night!!!!!

Today I feel as though I need to detox and my calorie thing says I exceeded 2000. So easy to do. Plus my weight is over 1 kg on my lowest recent. Grrr! I now have 3 pounds to lose again. I think I need to hide the scales for a few days and get my sanity back.

Today SmileI'm doing a basic Fat Fast day and hoping I feel strong tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will be celebrating my uncle's 95th birthday with a family lunch. We have more than 6 hours total on the road. I am hoping there will be cold meats and salads so I can stay on the healthy stuff. Dinner might be tricky to navigate also after such a long day.

I'll be doing outside stuff like bike riding and gardening this morning. We are expecting a wet weekend starting this afternoon. I hope to completely finish sewing up John's cardigan later today. It's a while since I totally completed a project. So that's the Good NewsSmile


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