Saturday, August 3, 2013


Friday morning here in New Zealand. John is watching the America's cup .... I think it's live. Wish we could pop across. We love San Francisco. Pop across sounds so casual for a 12 hour flight that costs $$$$

Thanks to you folk who are visiting here to see how I am doing and cheering me on.

Fat Fasting at the optimal level is hard. Yesterday I wondered what on earth I was doing eating so much fat. It is amazing that I haven't gagged. It also takes a bit of mental effort working out a suitable menu.

Today's results are not at all stunning but I must not grumble. Weight loss, another 100 gm and blood ketones gained another 0.1 to read 0.5. I'm sure my afternoon readings would be much higher but it's just too expensive to test twice a day. I have been thinking of changing to do my blood pressure and blood ketone readings about 4 pm but I always forget.

A note about testing for BLOOD KETONES. I use a Freestyle Optimum monitor which is dual purpose and tests blood glucose also. In NZ I can get ketone test strips for less than $2.00 strip. That still makes it expensive testing everyday. My last order including shipping costs was $120 for 60 strips. That's about $98 USD. This is where I get them

Yesterday my calories were 901 plus clear broth from a pork and vegetable casserole.
Breakfast:- Keto coffee
Lunch:- Plain Greek yoghurt with CLO boysenberries and cream,a few drops of lemon juice and zest.
Dinner:- 60 gm mushroom stuffed with spinach and cheddar cheese cooked in butter with a drizzle of olive oil. This seemed like a very small meal but I survived without needing to snack during the evening.
Snack:- Cheddar Cheese

I also managed to do 30 minutes Cross-trainer at a good rate.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy day.


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