Saturday, August 3, 2013


:)Guess that means yesterday went well. For a full update you can go to my Blog and click on the Fat Fasting button.

My weight dropped by 700 gm, that's around a pound and a half. Good start especially since I had lost some weight the previous day too.

My meals went well although it is a challenge to keep the ratios in check. My target is 1000 calories, eating 2% carb, 8% protein, 90% fat. It was fairly easy when I did my first experiment. It was only 70% fat and around 1150 calories which is more like Atkins induction. I do think it's doable for me but it's not compatible with a busy lifestyle outside the home. I have no idea how people who have to go out to work do this kind of thing.

I even got on my cross-trainer, and worked away for 30 minutes. I'm told it is similar to an elliptical exerciser. I prefer it to the treadmill because I use my arms more but it does not challenge my cardio fitness as much as a treadmill. I need to get cycling fit for a rail trail ride in mid-September and that is a challenge although it is only a half day.

For those who do not want to check out my link here is what I ate and drank.

Coffee made with coconut oil and coconut milk.
Plain Greek yoghurt with cod liver oil, cream, and berries.
Omelet made with cream and filled with silverbeet, (chard), parsley and parmesan.
Chocolate fat bomb made with coconut oil, butter and dark chocolate flavoured with peppermint essence.

Total calories 992
ratio 5.9% carb, 10.2% protein, 83.9% fat

My morning blood ketones rose from 0.2 yestreday to 0.4 today.

Not perfect but close enough for me.

I am surprised I am counting, weighing and measuring and quite happy to do so for now. One of the reasons I like LCHF is the freedom from all this but if this is the only way I can shed more adipose tissue then I will do it happily.

See you here tomorrow.


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