Tuesday, August 20, 2013


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Hi again. Hope everyone popping in to read this is having the best day possible.

We had a pretty, red sunrise this morning and now it's turned cold and rainy. Brrr! Have the fire going but not making much impression on this large, open living area with it's high ceilings.

Staying home Monday was a good call for me. John is to be scheduled for another angioplasty. I am kind of anxious about it. I wish I could find more info on the effect of nutrition on plaque build up in places like the femoral artery. He has been prescribed a statin although his cholesterol is normal, and asprin for blood thinning. He has been wheat free for 15 months but until recently continued to have porridge, oats with milk and sugar, for breakfast and rice crackers for snacks and for lunch. Finally listened to me, and is eating bacon and eggs. I often make grain free muffins for his lunch.

I had another session with the chiropractor yesterday with more improvement. Progress there is good and I expect to be more mobile everyday from now on.

I felt well enough to begin another week of Fat Fasting but this time I think I will limit the Fast days to 4 with 3 normal, for me, menu days. The weight I gained is stubborn. I think that some of it is inflammation so hopefully I will see a reflection of that one day soon.

This is my 4th day and it has been quite easy to keep my calories around 1000
with a ratio around 5% carb: 15% protein and 80% fat.

I've got some chicken and an abundance if limes so I'm thinking of doing some kind of Mexican flavoured stir fry, not too spicy.

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