Wednesday, August 7, 2013


The bicycle I am borrowing arrived yesterday. I jumped on it and my balance is terrible. I just about am learning to ride from scratch and I Fell Off and twisted my back. I'm feeling sorry for myself although it doesn't hurt all that much.

Yesterday I completed my 2nd week of Fat Fast cycling. I have doubts about the wisdom of continuing which is aggravated by a small weight gain. I really prefer to make a decision and stick with it. This is confusing me.

Food yesterday was almost exactly within my guidelines.

Today I am repeating Day 1 but sans coffee. I am trying out hot cocoa with coconut oil and milk. I was hoping I could drink it without adding sugar but I'm going to try a little liquid stevia. I missed the coconut oil over the last two days which I had run out of.

Will have another go on the bike shortly and hope I don't fall off again.

How mad am I? 75 years old and re-learning to ride again. :)Can't wait to go zooming down the street. We do have lots of good concrete paths with very little elevation.


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