Wednesday, August 28, 2013

AUGUST 27 - 28 DAYS 3 AND 4 FF


The plan continues.

Saw Chiropractor yesterday. Tired and achy for rest of day. Mobility greatly improved.

Stayed around 1000 cal. Ratio 6% carb: 9% protein: 85% fat
Weight same
Fasting blood ketones 1.0


Just stooging along.


Fat Fasting continues although today we are visiting friends so this could put me out of ketosis.

Yesterday I had Keto, (coconut) coffee, Yoghurt with CLO cream and a couple of frozen berries, 1 HB egg with lettuce leaf, Spicy chicken, (tiny serve), mushrooms, beef steak, almonds, camembert and a peanut choc fat bomb

Calories 1115

5% Carb: 19% Protein: 76% Fat

Today Fasting Ketones 1.1
Weight 80.5 kg which means I am one pound away from my lowest low weight.

Till tomorrow and may everyone looking in have the best day possibleSmile

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  1. Wow, almost at your lowest weight! That is something to be proud of. Enjoy your day.