Monday, August 5, 2013


Yesterday was not easy, at least the earlier part of the day and to complicate it further I went coffee free because I haven't been sleeping well. My guess is that I'm not drinking any more caffeine than is in a good espresso and I usually empty the coffee carafe well before mid-day but my sleep was becoming increasingly poor. There may be other causes but this is a simple solution and did help. I'll take a rest from coffee for the next four days.

Yesterday I was increasing my protein and calories but ... I overdid the carbohydrate so instead of a ratio that looked like this 6:24:70 I ended up with this 13:27.5:57.5: plus 2% alcohol. Not a disaster as today's 1.8 ketone reading proves.

How I did I eat so much.

Breakfast: Berry Smoothie made with frozen berries, plain Greek yoghurt, coconut milk, Whey powder and CLO. The dairy put the carbs way too high.
Lunch: 2 HB eggs, piece of camembert, olives, lettuce.
Dinner: The yummiest lamb's kidneys in wine sauce and cauliflower mashed with cream cheese. I had seconds of the kidney dish.
Snacks: One peanut Chocolate fat bomb.
All for 1330 calories when I had set my goal at 1250. I'm not going to be perfect all the time.

I missed starting the day with keto coffee which has coconut oil and coconut milk. My body missed it and felt out of sorts.

Felt better by end of day and feel good again this morning but will modify the smoothie.

My weight stayed the same so still one pound away from being a 79er.

Sun shining. I will probably garden and definitely work on finishing the last sleeve of John's cardigan.


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