Saturday, August 3, 2013


I am sick and tired of being frustrated by exceedingly slow weight loss. I feel well. I am not on any medication. I have already lost 32 kg/70 pounds but most of that was in the first six months of 2012 when I stopped eating wheat. Since than I have continued to work toward my health goals but my weight loss completely stalled for various periods. You can see my weight loss progress here

I have places where I Blog but I have come here to record this experiment of 5 days Fat Fast followed by 2 days more relaxed eating with higher calories but still eating less than 20 grams carbohydrate daily. I need something to refresh my efforts and enthuse me again. This place should work for me.

I have been experimenting with Fat Fasting for a few months and am happy that there are no problems. You can see my first experiment by going to the above link and clicking on the tag Fat Fasting.

I need to handle this with a measure of common sense. My 75th birthday was 6 weeks ago. I had a cholecystectomy aged 20. I am unaware of any problems related to this. I think I have been fortunate in that respect.

This is part of a determined effort be as healthy as possible for the next part of my life. I have a plan to be reasonably active which includes using a cross-trainer or walking or riding a bicycle almost daily and introducing stretching and resistance exercises as I feel strong enough.

Here goes. New Plan. Fresh enthusiasm. And linked into a good support system.

I love fresh starts. Smile

See you tomorrow and let you know how today goes.


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