Saturday, August 10, 2013



My back hurts. I will be going to the Chiropractor as soon as I can get an appointment. It's throwing me off my game and I seem to need more painkiller each day.

Friday I managed to do most things I wanted to do including ride the bike. After a rest I went out again and had enough confidence to ease up on my death grip of the handle bars and check out how the brakes work. I was so proud of myself. *laughing* My balance is improving each time I go out.

Yesterday we picked up out daughter and drove in the rain, to Morrinsville where we had a family gathering to celebrate my uncle's 95th birthday. It was nice to see many of my cousins and my brother and his family but I really was uncomfortable and had to watch the way I moved. We ended the day by having a dinner of rotissserie chicken and SuperMarket salads with our daughter before driving the last 30 minutes home. Long day.

I cut myself a small piece of birthday cake and kept looking at it but truthfully it did not tempt me and I ended up not taking a bite. Everytime I thought about it, just because it was there, I remembered how unwell I'd felt after a minor exposure to wheat/gluten a few weeks ago.

I could do lots of things today but I am going to rest. Sunday here. Hopefully a quiet day will help. I'm not happy to miss a day riding the bike so will see how I feel as the day warms up.

Food is off plan but today will be aiming for LCHF and checking ketones before dinner. I intended to do this on Friday but forgot. My weight has climbed again. I expected that after a day travelling and the pain in my back is affecting me.



I really felt unwell for a large part of the day, quite nauseous, I had 2 mugs of Jarrah Chocolate this morning. Yesterday one pf my cousins gave each of us a tub of honey from her own bees. It's delicious. John made some flaxseed cheese muffins for lunch and I couldn't resist. I think I've eaten two with honey and one with butter. I mage up some more jelly whip only this time I gave it a twist with about 100 gm cream cheese to the WW jelly and cream. I've had a small dish and it works well. I really don't feel like eating so had bone broth for dinner. Struggling to drink my normal tea.

I was pleased to see I still have blood ketones @ 0.9

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