Sunday, August 18, 2013


At last I have managed to keep to my planned menu for a whole 24 hours. That must mean the healing is progressing nicely. Last night I managed to stay in bed, asleep most of the time, for 6 hours with only one short wakening about 1 am when I got up to take pain relief. I noticed myself feeling considerably more at ease once I decided not to go with John today. I was dreading the hours sitting in the car, the walking around the hospital and having my food out of whack again.

I have known for a long time that my body likes routine and that means the kind of meals I eat too. Since I began this Rotating Fat Fast thing I noticed that the days I do not begin with coffee or cocoa laced with coconut oil and milk I do not feel quite as good and it's harder to keep my meals balanced during the rest of the day.

Yesterday I went right back into Fat Fast mode and it felt good. My weight and blood ketones have not changed much over the 24 hour period but my general well-being has improved.

I kept my calories low at 1000 and it was so easy, I wondered how I had so much food to eat. I only ate 38 gm of protein, ideally I would be eating around 70-80 gm but this is me easing back into effective ketosis. Sometimes I look at how other people are managing and see that they are eating way more food than me then I remember I am a 75 year old woman who is not terribly active. I cannot wait for my back to be healed enough to get moving again. My weight loss has been very slow over the last 12 months or more too. I have always lost weight easily when I kept to the guidelines but it seems I've reached a place where my body wants to stay. For this reason I am needing to mess around, tweak and experiment, to break through a stubborn 'set-point.'

Yesterday's food. Breakfast:- Keto coffee. Lunch: Yoghurt, cream, berry and CLO smoothie. Dinner: Cold roast beef and salad. Snack: Peanut chocbomb, wedge of camembert, jelly whip and a few almonds.

Today's Blood Ketones 0.6 and my weight is 82.4 kg/182 pounds which is very annoying considering it is 2 kg up on a couple of weeks ago. I will just have to plod on.

I really must try to keep the pain covered by taking paracetemol at regular intervals through the day. It makes a hug difference rather than waiting until the pain reminds me I haven't taken anything for 6 hours or more. I should know better than that. Moderate relief every 4 hours means that I can stay comfortable most of the time.

Today's menu is similar. I expect John to be home for dinner after leaving at 6.30 am

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