Saturday, August 3, 2013


Thanks for the kind comments about my Blog

I also blog here and here but not so regularly since I made getting this wretched weight off. I simply do not have the energy now that I have found the key to weight loss for me, and have made that my primary focus, to keep so many Blogs going. I guess I should designate each one their own particular day of the week.

Today is the final Fat Fast of this time around and I've lost anther 200 gm for a total of 2.8 kg/6.2 lbs in 11 days. This is remarkable and I really need to keep a check on my emotional reaction to this. Soooo tempting to continue this through to my lowest healthy weight. I always have to keep tabs because although I have never been anorexic there is a very thin line between over-eating and anorexia for me. My original plan was to do this for all of August so will see how the next three days go as I complete this week and begin another round.

Today's morning blood ketones 2.2

Yesterday's food.
Breakfast: Keto Coffee
Lunch: Yoghurt with CLO
Dinner: Bone Broth, Creamy Jelly Whip
Snacks: Pork Crackling, Peanut Chocolate Fat Bomb, 2 Macadamia nuts
Calories: 987 Plus Bone Broth
Ratio: 4.6% carb: 5.7% Protein: 89.7% Fat. Bone Broth not included

I think a big bowl or mug of Bone Broth each day will make this more sustainable long term and of course there are all the salts and minerals. This bone broth is made with beef bones that had lots of marrow so had more fat than my usual. That is probably a bonus in this way of eating.

Happy daysSmile


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