Monday, August 5, 2013


Don't you hate it when the scales go backwards exactly to the degree you expected them to show a loss. I am determined not to pout and whine about such a small thing but it did take the edge of my excitement for a few minutesSad

In the big scheme of things the gain was almost nothing. 200 gm or less than 1/2 pound. I am very close to becoming a 79er and that's what I expected today but will have to be patientSmile (Do you sometimes want to scream when the P word is mentioned). Weight is only one marker of good health and not always the best one.

Yesterday I had my usual keto coffee, and yoghurt with CLO concoction. Dinner was a creamy herb omelet and bone broth. I snacked on some creamy jelly whip, a peanut chocolate fat bomb and a piece of pork crackling. All this for only 1009 calories.

4.8 % carbs: 7.8%protein: 87.3% fat. Almost perfect and this is reflected in this morning my reading for was Ketones 3

Today is the first of two days eating a more normal amount of protein.

I have decided to stay counting calories and ratios to complete the week.
1250 calories broken down to 6:24:70 for anyone who is interested this is
19 gm carb, 75 gm protein and 97 gm fats. I have been reading about the recommended amount to protein being close to 1 gm for every kg in weight. It was of some concern to me that I may not be getting enough protein but I think this is OK. What does challenge me is the carbohydrates. 18 gm is not very much and I decided to have an old favourite this morning. A berry smoothie. It is so high in carbs that I only have 3 gm left for the whole day. Not much room for veggies now. I still have lots of protein and fat so that's OK.


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