Saturday, August 3, 2013


Day 5 and tomorrow I change things to Atkins Induction which I still know nothing about.I will do two days on induction the back on the Fat Fast for another 5 days. This is a protocol in the Atkins book so I'm giving it a fair go and so far so good.

I never thought for a minute that I could do anything quite so radical at my age but I feel good so I'll continue.

Lost a whopping 600 gm, (that's close to 1.3 pounds), since yesterday. It's amazing. Plus I feel great. I did wake with a headache which went as soon as I got up and moved around. Not sure what that is as it happens quite often. Might be dehydration or just the drop in blood sugar or something else that's not too important. I was certainly thirsty when I first got up. Ketones were 1.9 so I'm happy that at last I am in the range I've been aiming for ... 1.5 - 3. If I continue to be happy with what I'm doing I will try to phase out the daily test. I only have 10 more strips before I need to order again.

Yesterday's food:-
Keto Coffee, yoghurt with cream and COL, pork pattie with a coconut pancake, cheese and chocolate whip.
Calories 1000 ... ratio 3.3:7.6:89.3
I adjusted my menu to stay closer to the guidelines.

I think to there are benefits to our food budget. I seem to have a very full freezer and fridge right now. I need to make sure I do not over-shop for the next couple of weeks.


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