Saturday, August 3, 2013


I completed 7 days of my plan to cycle through 5 days of Fat Fasting and 2 days of eating normal, for me, LCHF. It went well. Today I am starting another 7 day cycle.

Total weight lost over 7 days 2.6 kg/5.7 lbs. I am happy with this although some of that loss was clearing up a recent gain.

My morning blood ketones
Day 1 ... 0.2
Day 2 ... 0.4
Day 3 ... 0.5
Day 4 ... 1.1
Day 5 ... 1.9
Day 6 ... 3.2
Day 7 ... 2.7
and Day 8 ... 1.7 which follows two days normal LCHF

Yesterday I felt as though I was eating a LOT of food. I spent a fair amount of time working out my menu as it kept coming up too low in protein. Keeping carbs so very low sometimes seems like a tough restriction but totally worth it if I keep on feeling fine and losing weight.

Breakfast Keto Coffee, and a freshly baked pork crackling.
Lunch was Plain Greek yoghurt with cod liver oil, and frozen boysenberries. I also ate an HB egg.
Dinner was a bowl of beef casserole. I don't thicken the liquid so this was a cross between soup and stew and so Yummy.
My snacks were another HB egg and a slice of freshly baked Fat Bread

Calories 1230
Ratio 10.3% carbs: 20.2% protein: 69.5% fat which wa close enough to my target of 6:24:70

I might be getting the hang of this. :)While I'm enjoying the geekiness of weighing and recording right now it will become tedious in time. I'm hoping it will be instinctive before that time comes.


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