Saturday, August 3, 2013


Hi JuliaN. Chronic Fatigue is a terrible thing to suffer from since it's invisible to others. I had what was termed ME years ago and everyone kept telling me how well I looked while I could hardly drag myself to the bathroom. Those symptoms linger so feeling good is something I treasure.

Yesterday was a struggle. Changing back to lower calories and less protein and carbs was not so easy. I ended up snacking and going over my self imposed limit but in the big scheme of things no real harm was done.

My breakfast was Keto Coffee, Lunch my Fat Fast Yogurt concoction laced with CLO, Dinner I had a stuffed mushroom, that was the last of those left-overs. I snacked on cheese, HB egg and pork crackling which I am finding is dangerous stuff for me. I could eat the whole mason jar right off.

My target calories are 1000. Yesterday I ate 1175
My target ratio is 2% carb:8%protein:90%fat
My actual ratio was 4.8%:10%:85.2%
Today my ketones are 1.7 so still in the right place.

Today was also my official weigh in being 1st of month.

81 kg/178 lbs and that means no change since the 1st July. I will add here I am using new scales which weigh about 1 kg heavier than the old ones but they are more accurate and consistent which is very important.

I may feel a little frustrated by what seems to be slow rate of weight loss. I decided to look back at my records from last year. I have lost 10 kg/22 lbs in the last 12 months. That may not ring the bells but it is substantial so no more moaning.

Now that I have discovered the benefits of Nutritional Ketosis I am hoping to speed up things up a little.


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